Tell me a Fair tale,.. Where do your clothes come from?


TELL ME  A FAIR TALE… Ever wonder where do your clothes really come from? Who made it? Where was the fabric materials made, grown or weaved? How many people did it take to stitch, press and pack it together? How much manpower and fuel did it take to get from their shore to yours?


Many Labels and Brands are starting to pave the way and have passed the accredited ethical manufacture process, for others they never really know if their stock was made by sweat shops, from another country or made of harmful dyes and chemicals.

imageI think more people are conscious these days of what they are buying and where their clothes come from. More people are caring about the future of keeping our beautiful planet sustainable.



I just took a survey from Made In A Free World and found an astonishing amount of slaves put my household contents together??… Made In A Free World believes that changing the world takes everyone. Here you can play your part by sending a letter to brands used in your household that are currently using slave labour to make their products, including our ever popular Apple macs… what!?

Take the Survey here to see how many slaves have worked for you to live in your household and play your part to send your free slave message for a more sustainable future.



Australia is starting to pave the way, a list of ethical accredited Brands can be found here at Ethical Clothing Australia with Labels like Cue, Collette Dinnigan, White Suede, Ginger&Smart, Manning Cartell all having accredited factories along with other brands that very well maybe your favourite label. On the flipside another article on worldwide Brands listing on slave labour using companies can be found here at Care2.

Ginger&Smart Akin collection

Ginger&Smart Akin collection

White Suede SS13 Collection

White Suede SS13 Collection

It’s good to see great brands like these doing good things.

Happy ethical shopping ever after…. xx Fairtale xx


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